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Elisabeth's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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July 13th, 4:50pm]
Gilmore Girls

time and station? ready...go.
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June 7th, 4:14pm]
Being sucked dry by leeches isn't so bad.
I'd stay away from swimming holes,
and stick to good old cement.
Even if it does hurt like hell
when your toe scrapes the bottom.

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June 1st, 6:46pm]

Go add me, please. I'll leave you wonderful comments. I promise.
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May 14th, 4:21pm]

Josh is an alcoholic.
Andrew is a coke head.
Isn't it about time for a Behind the Music?
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May 2nd, 10:52pm]
New journal. Friends only. Comment to be added.

<3 Elisabeth
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